Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 175 – Korean Cuisine and a Baby on the Way

 After we had breakfast, we did Facetime with the kids and grandkids at the February birthday party they were having.  We had a fun visit and it was nice to be in on the birthday party. 

David and Stan Pace were going to go home teaching after lunch, so we invited them over for lunch.  I made a ham and vegetable with cream sauce and some fresh biscuits.  Nancy stayed here and we worked on stuff for school.

David and Stan texted us when they were done and we met them at the outdoor market by the bus stop that we like to go to.  We were out of vegetables, so we bought a bunch.  Then we walked home and Stan and Nancy went back to their place.

Gilbert and his wife, Lulu, picked us up to do to dinner at 6:30.  They took us to a Korean restaurant that is close to the campus.  Lulu went to school in Korea for six months, so she knew just what to do with the food.  They brought a stone plate to the middle of the table and put the fire under it.  Then they put meat and vegetables on the place and cooked them up for us.  It was very much a “do it yourself” meal.  There were also some soups and it was all very tasty.

Lulu was especially excited to talk to me.  She speaks pretty good English, but not as much as Gilbert.  She is due to have their first baby in two to four weeks, and she is kind of nervous.  Where I have experience with having had seven children, she wanted to ask me some questions and also to hear about some of my birthing experiences.  I hope that I was able to say something that will help her relax.  The husband is not able to go there for the birth and you will have one doctor that will attend four or five women who are giving birth at the same time.  We talked about breathing and trying to relax.  What to expect (as much as can be said when each birth is a unique experience), and some of the relaxation techniques that I used when I was delivering my children.  I hope that if she has more questions and if there is any way that I can help, she will come and ask me.  They are a sweet couple.

They came up to the apartment after we were done eating and we showed them our pictures from our 24 days long trip to South China, Vietnam and Cambodia.  It was a nice evening.

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