Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 179 & 180 – Primary Movie… and It Doesn’t Work…

Saturday I spent that majority of the day working on the music for Primary.  I learned how to make the movie, put the sound in and then add the words in for the children to follow on the screen!  I was so proud of myself!  But, I was mentally exhausted when it was done.  Then I put it all on Dropbox so that those that do Primary in their homes could access it.  I was totally exhausted mentally by the time I was done! 

We decided we needed to get out of the apartment.  David had been kicking his heals all day trying to think of things to do, so I sent him on a few errands, but there was still a lot of time sitting bored for him.  We decided to make a trip to the bakery store and get some more whole wheat flour.  We weren’t out, but we would need some in the next week, so we decided that was as good an excuse to get out as any. 

After the bakery store, we decided to see if there wasn’t a better way to get to and from there on the bus, because it really is quite a walk after we get off the bus that we have been taking.  When we got back to the big road, we went left instead of right and pretty soon discovered a much closer stop and it has the bus that stops at the south gate of campus!  We were so proud of ourselves!!

Sunday, we went to the Hanlin Hotel for Church.  Lulu was able to meet with us and also a German/American man, who is here in Jinan on business.  His company runs a crane making business and they send him over every two months or so, and today he didn’t have work, so he came to meet with us.  He also stayed for our potluck dinner afterward.  I made Lemon Bars for dessert today.  The rest of the food was really good, too.

The movie that I had worked so hard on yesterday, evidently doesn't work.  Now I have to figure out whether I saved it wrong, or what I did wrong...  Not happy....

We have just been two dull ducks here in the apartment this afternoon and evening.  Trying to catch up on all the things that we missed during the week with the other things we were doing.  

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