Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 171 – Boom! Bang! Happy Lantern Festival (and Valentine’s Day)!

This morning I spent a lot of time working on my new Primary Music calling.  How do you put together a video for children in many different locations that teaches them the music with a spiritual message and get it to all of them?  I don’t know how to record from my webcam and I can’t seem to find a video to tell me what to do.  Still working on that part, but I was able to do several Power points so I can at least send those out until I get the rest figured out. 

We left the apartment a little after 2 p.m. and made our way to the Clarke’s apartment.  Traffic was terrible and we were about 15 minutes later leaving than we wanted to be, so we were about 15 minutes late getting there.  We were telling Steve and Sue Schauerhamer about our travels and then we played a card game called, “Baseball.”  We were just getting to understand it and have some fun with it, when it became time for David and me to leave.  We had to get back to the campus so that we could meet the Ding family for our dinner appointment with them.

The bus was just as slow getting back to where we needed to be as it was getting to the Clarke’s.  The traffic is extra terrible for four reasons.  One, its Friday; two, it was drive time; three, it is Valentine’s Day and four, it is Lantern Festival; a day that is almost as big a day as Chinese New Year! 

We made it to the place where we had planned to meet the Ding’s (Alan and his parents) about 5 minutes late.  They drove us to a very nice restaurant where we had dinner with Alan’s aunt and uncle.  It was all very Chinese food, and really good.  They served us Peking Duck.  If you have had Peking Duck in Beijing, you have NOT had the best Peking Duck there is to be made!  It was originally made here in Shandong Province and it is so much better than the one we had in Beijing!  We even got to bring some of it home with us.  We had a nice meal and a good visit.  They were even kind enough to bring us a bottle of non-alcoholic sparking juice made in Michigan, so that we could be in on the toasts that they made, and they made a lot of them!  About every five minutes or so, there was something else that we were toasting.  It was actually kind of fun and it was all for good purposes.
Alan is refilling our "wine" glasses.  He also drank the same thing as we did.

From the left, Alan, me, David, empty chair for Alan's dad, Alan's uncle, Alan's Mom and Alan's aunt at the table in the private dining room.  Happy Lantern's Festival Day!

We don’t know when we will be able to get to sleep tonight.  The fireworks are still going off and we suspect that will continue for quite some time, as it did in Dali for Chinese New Year.  So, Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Lantern Festival!  We will get to the park in a few days when the crowds have died down over the lanterns that they have lit there. 

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