Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 267 – Gilbert’s Baby, Our Chinese Grandson

Teaching our classes went well today.  I made the trip over to the Baotuquan Campus for my classes.  Some of the students performed their readers theater skits and they were wonderful.  They put together some power points to go along with the story and enhance the experience. 

I stopped at the guard shack on my way out of campus to try and give back the one Yuan that the guard had given me last week so that I could get home and he refused to take it.  He was a little bolder about speaking English to me today.  He wanted to know which country I came from.  I’ve got to find a way to repay him some other way.  Getting back to our campus went well.

After a short rest, David and I rode the bus to Carrefour.  Gilbert was going to pick us up tonight and take us to see his baby, so we wanted to bring a gift.  We found a ball that was like a globe and on the China map it said, “We love China.”  We inked in where Utah was on the US map and said that when he gets older, they can show where his American grandparents live.  We also got a nice fuzzy blanket and some bibs for him. 

David had a good crowd for his square dancing that eventually got started late.  They seemed to have fun.  I went to get copies made for my class and stopped in at the campus hotel and got a room reserved for Evan when he gets here. 
When we went to the cultural fair back in March, we watched some crafters that do portraits of people in clay.  One of the girls that went around with us and interpreted for us, had these clay busts made for us.  We just got them today when her friend brought them to the square dancing and gave them to David.  Rather amazing!  They did it from some pictures that they took that day.

Gilbert came about 8 p.m. to pick us up.  The baby was sleeping when we got there, but woke up soon after.  Lulu was telling me about the problems that she had delivering the baby.  If she has another one, it will probably have to be a C-section because of the way her right leg is situated.  It was hard to hear her tell about having her doctor and two others pushing on her to get the baby out.  She did say that the breathing techniques that I had taught her were very helpful in getting her to relax and handle the pain better.  We had a nice visit and then Gilbert drove us home.  We are going to miss them!

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