Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 271 – Trip to Qingdao

David and I both had classes to teach this morning.  Mine went well.  David had a student that doesn’t know why he has to learn anymore English write him a letter that tells all the reasons why he isn’t doing any work in the class and that he doesn’t think he needs the class.  It is disheartening to get a letter like that, but then you have to put it in the context of who was writing it and that the majority of his students like the class.

After we had a quick lunch, washed the dishes and then finished packing for our weekend trip to Qingdao.  Qingdao is on the Pacific coast of Shandong Province and we are getting together with the BYU CTP teachers in this area to enjoy the area. 

We went to the south gate of campus and tried to get a cab.  We were there for at least 15 minutes before one finally stopped for us.  Several passed us up to pick up people who had the right look to them (the Chinese look), so we were very grateful for the one that did stop for us and took us to the train station.  We were just in time to get in line with the other Jinan BYU teachers and get on the train.

The tip here took about 3 hours on the high-speed train.  I corrected the papers from my class and read and we both slept for a little nap. 

We thought we would try and get two taxis to take us to our hotel, but there was a van waiting in line with the taxis and the guy quoted us a great price for taking all eight of us to the hotel.  The drive took about an hour because we were traveling through rush hour traffic. 

Gerald and Sharon Thomason met us at the hotel and escorted us to the restaurant that they had made a reservation at for dinner.  It was a really good meal and we enjoyed the time renewing acquaintances with these teachers.  Now to get some sleep.

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