Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 275 – AC? We Can Only Hope…

David has Tuesday off, so he stays home and cleans the floors while I go teach.  He worked on the computer for a little while and then went to get water to mop the floors.  Guess what?  NO WATER!!  Kristina, from the Foreign Teacher’s Office, was coming by to see about the air conditioner in our apartment because it doesn’t work.  They decided it was a problem that would need a repairman, so they said they would have one here this afternoon.  Eventually the water came back on and he was able to do his mopping. (What a good husband I have!)

My classes went well and we just had lunch here.  We had planned to go get groceries, but we had to stay here to let the repairman in when he came.  We decided all the stuff on our grocery list could wait one more day.  The repairman didn’t come until after David left to play games with his students in the canteen.  The repairman looked at some things on the air conditioner and then decided he didn’t bring the right tool to fix it, so he will come tomorrow morning.  I hope we can sleep tonight because it is hot and a little muggy right now.

We met Wayne and Libby Clark at the teacher restaurant and had a nice dinner together.  They had come over to attend a concert that the Pace’s had found out about from one of Stan’s students.  We all planned to go together and it was a nice concert.  It featured a trombonist, a clarinetist and a violinist.  The clarinetist was really good!  We enjoyed several brass quintet numbers also. 

There was a little five year old boy, who was enjoying the music so much that he was pretending to play the instruments and then he started dancing around.  He noticed David and I and David started waving at him. The boy got a little rambunctious for the concert and it was all David’s fault!  (wink, wink)  The little boy knows his numbers in English and a few other little words and he was trying them out on David.  We talked to the mother after the concert and found out that she is going to Los Angeles in June for a year of study abroad.  David gave her a card so that hopefully we can connect when we get back to the US.

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