Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 276 – Well… AC… Sort of…

David and I both left for classes, but the AC repairman hadn’t come yet, so we figured the Mrs. Chen could let him in if he came.  My classes went well. 

We met Eva at the teacher restaurant and had lunch.  She came to our apartment afterward and when we got there, Mrs. Chen was there with the repairmen.  They worked away and think they got it repaired, but we are not sure yet whether it is worth running it and using the electricity.   Haven’t felt much change yet. 

We needed to go to RT Mart for some groceries, and Eva needed to go the Hongjialou campus, so she drove us there and then we met her after we had our groceries.  She drove us back to our apartment.  It’s nice to not have to carry all that in this heat.

I had my four young girls here for tutoring and I taught them to play, “Go Fish” using new words for their vocabulary.  They seemed to have fun doing it.  They are not taught to be competitive by nature, they want to help everyone win, so it was hard to get them to grasp the concept of “Don’t show anyone your cards!”  It was fun anyway and they did catch on, mostly.  

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