Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 273 – Sunday in Qingdao

David went with Kathy Guo to find the store this morning so we could have some breakfast.  When he got back, we ate and then packed up so we could check out and meet some of the Qingdao BYU teachers so they could escort us to Church today.

We met Deanne Hughes at the bus stop and didn’t have to wait very long for it to come.  The place where the Qingdao Branch meets is in a condo complex that has a wonderful view of the Yellow Sea.  I was impressed from my first view of the place where they meet that it was special!  It is a small space, but it so perfectly seems to fit the needs that this small branch has. 
This is the Chapel part of the condo.  It was just wonderful.  They have three Korean families and a Japanese couple that meet with them.  They have two missionaries that are leaving on missions this summer.  One is going to Korea and the other is going to South Salt Lake Mission.

Here is the view from the balcony window.  You can't really sea the Yellow Sea, but it was out there.

We wished that it hadn't been so misty today from the rain yesterday, but this is the best view we had of the Yellow Sea.

We had to walk very quietly up the stairs to the second floor so that we didn’t let on to the neighbors in the complex that there was a large group upstairs.  I wonder if they know anyway and just don’t say anything to the authorities. 

Today was Branch Conference for the Qingdao Branch, so the District President, President Weaver was there.  There was such a beautiful spirit there.  The Branch President, Romney Burke and one of the counselors, Harold Rust, usually take turns playing the piano/organ for their Sacrament Meeting, but today they asked if I would do that.  I was honored and very happy to play the organ for their meeting today.  It has been so long!

We were only able to stay for Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School because we had to take a bus to the train station.  The bus ride was an hour and fifteen minutes.  We let the bus attendant who takes the money for the bus, know that all eight of us needed to get off at the train station.  She spoke a little English, enough to talk with us and find out who we were and where we were from. She watched out for us and made sure that we all had seats for the long ride.  We sure appreciated her concern for us and made sure that we know where to get off. 

The ride home was uneventful, but pleasant.  We got a taxi to take us home and we have been relaxing here since then.   

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