Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 278 – AC!!

We had such a hard time sleeping last night with how hot our apartment was.  Even the fan blowing directly on us all night didn’t help much.  I finally gave up about five a.m. and opened the window to see if the air out there was any cooler than in the bedroom.  A little, but not by much. 

Our classes went well today.  My students on Friday’s are so fun.  They respond so well to everything I do and it just makes it so special. 
Alan's mom gave us some of these.  They are a fruit called, "Lychee"  or "Litchee."  They are grown in southern Chins.  You peel off the outside and eat the white inside.  It is pretty sweet and it has a large single pit in the middle.  They are high in Vitamin C and potassium.  We like!
Just before lunch, Mrs. Chen came with the repairman and he started taking out the old air conditioner.  They worked on it for a while and then said that they would be back.  We left at 2:30 to go with Alan’s mom, Ye Hong, so that she could help us get some things mailed to the US, that we don’t have room for in our luggage.  She had brought along a young man, who is a student, and her cousin, Eva, who speaks very good English, to make sure we had what we needed and to interpret.

We had filled two suitcases with our winter clothing that we don’t need anymore, and the young man strapped them to a dolly for easier hauling.  We walked to the post office that is located at the south end of campus.  When we got there and opened up David’s suitcase, we discovered he had brought over the wrong suitcase, so he hurried back to the apartment and got the right one.  While he was gone, I wrote out the forms and we filled the boxes with what we had. 

After we got the packages sent off, we went back to campus and watched the workmen install the new air conditioner!  We had thought that we were going to meet Jane at the teacher restaurant at five, but she didn’t come, so there must have been some mistake.  We ordered dinner there anyway and then we went to RT Mart to get some groceries and a new mop.  The new one we bought two months ago has already fallen apart.  We just need it for four more weeks!

Just as we were entering the gate of the campus, we met Alan’s parents and they invited us for dinner Sunday evening.  They have some friends whose daughter just came back from studying in the US and Evan will be here.  Then Alan’s Dad raised his eyebrows in a funny way…

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