Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 277 – Saga of the AC

We had hoped that the apartment would cool down with the AC “fixed,” but we had no such luck. We let it run most of the day and it was only like a fan blowing the air around.  I put the thermometer in the living room where the AC unit is and the temperature didn’t even budge going down from where it had been.  We called Kristina again and she sent Mrs. Chen and a repairman over, but after fifteen minutes of working with it, Mrs. Chen said that they would be back between 6 and 7 p.m. to work on it again. 

David had his class this morning, he really likes his Thursday class.  They seem to get into things more that some of his other classes. 

I got my Primary Music video done and chatted with Caleb and Aleeyah for a little while. 

We had planned to go out for dinner tonight, but when Mrs. Chen said that they would be back between six and seven, we decided to eat here.  I was just too hot to want to cook, but I also wanted the AC fixed.  Alan came for his tutoring session and while he was here, Mrs. Chen came in and wanted him to interpret for her.  She said that the unit was no good and that it would take maybe two days to get it replaced.  Not the news I wanted to here.  It is just too hard to sleep when you don’t have any relief from the heat.  Now I hope it only takes two days to fix…

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