Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 270 – Blood Test, Primary Music, Tutoring

I left for the hospital shortly after David left for class.  Dr. Tricia couldn’t be there because she had to work outside the hospital doing home care for the elderly, but she arranged with the nurses and a young doctor that was there to make sure that the blood could be extracted and taken to the right place and have the test paid for.  After the nurse took my blood, the young doctor took the money and the blood to where it needed to be while I sat at the nurses station and ate a little of the breakfast I had brought with me. 

After the young doctor came back with my change, I left and tried to find a certain market that was close by the hospital that we had been to once before a few month back.  Someone said they thought they were selling the DVT stockings there and I wanted to try and find some more, but I couldn’t find the place, so I went back to the bus stop and went home. 

We had lunch here and I made some banana bread after lunch.  I didn’t really want to with how hot it was, but I needed to use some bananas that were “getting there.”  I found out I was out of sugar, so David quickly hopped on his bike and made a quick trip to the Uni-Mart and got some for me (my hero!).  Ummm, tastes good!

I had to get the video for Primary done today, so I got it recorded and then we went to KFC for some dinner.  The sun was not as hot as it had been earlier, so it was a nice walk there and back.  After we got back, David tutored Alan and I finished the video and then had a fight with the internet to get it uploaded.  (Still working…)  I hope it finishes before I have to go to bed… (Still working…)

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ConservativeTeacher said...

That's the trouble. It ISN'T working when it says "Still working!"

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