Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 280 – Sunday and Dinner with the Dings

I got up early and made rolls to contribute to our dinner today after Church.  It was especially hard because today is Fast Sunday.  We caught the bus to Church and introduced Evan to everyone.  Lulu came and she seemed happy to have another young adult there to talk with.  The Arcadin bridge we use for Church was having problems, so the electronic stuff was a little difficult today.

Dinner was delicious, as usual.  We talked for some time afterward, but finally made our way back about 4 p.m.  We relaxed for a little over an hour before we left to go meet Alan Ding at the south gate.  They all wanted to meet Evan so they planned a dinner with the Wu family, so Alan and Joy Wu (the 19 year old daughter) met us to take us to the restaurant where we were going to eat.

Joy has spent two years for school in the US and plans to go back.  The Wu family had pretty good English skills, so conversation was easy to have.  I was placed next to Joy, so I got to know her quite well.  She seem more mature for her age.  She attended her senior year of High School in Youngstown, Ohio and now she is going to college in New York and loves it. 

After dinner, Alan and Joy walked us back to our gate.  We gave Joy our contact information and invited her to visit us when we arrive home.  

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