Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 283 – Five Dragon and Baotu Springs

Evan came to me with my first class today and then went to David’s class the second hour.  Then he came back to my class for the second hour of the second class.  Once again, the students were happy to ask questions, even though it took a little coaxing to get them started.  They had heard that we sang in class yesterday, so they wanted a song today.  We decided to sing, “The Riddle,” because we both kind of remembered the words for it.

After lunch, we went took the bus to Five Dragon Spring and walked around that park.  We heard some people singing in one area and stopped to listen.  They noticed that we were watching and I don’t know if they decided that our presence was intimidating or if they wanted to show off more.  It was pretty well done and pleasant to listen to.
Lots of fish and very well fed!

One of the many pools in Five Dragon Park.

There was a monument to a great warrior and a display of the weapons they used.  I wouldn't want any of them used on me!
The Five Dragons at Five Dragon Spring.
We had to cross the road so that we could go into Baotu Springs.  We wandered here and there and saw lots of beautiful places.  We went into an area where they have rooms that artists can display their work and after we got in there, it turned into kind of a maze and we had to find a way out.  We did, but it was a little tricky. 
Baotu Springs is not as bubbly right now because it has been so dry here in Jinan.

This is the singing group we listened to.

A banana tree with itty-bitty bananas on it.

Just a beautiful shot.

We then walked to Quancheng Square and walked through it.  We took a bus home and decided to have supper at the KFC so that Evan could have that experience.  Three of my student were there and so I was able to talk with them.  David saw one of his students there and we talked to him and his girlfriend for a while.
The statue and symbol of Quancheng Square.  

David and Evan went to the Little Wood again tonight and talked with more students who came.  I came home so that I could be ready when my tutoring girls came.  We had a fun time with some games and singing and review.  The father of one of the girls came by to talk to David about possibly having us come to the girls’ school and talking to the teachers that teach English there about phonics.  He brought me a beautiful book of paintings that have been done by artists in Shandong province and they tell some of the folk stories of China and Shandong.  I was so excited to receive it!

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