Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 282 – Tiger Springs, Games, Little Woods

David brought Evan over to my class at 9 a.m. and he also brought the guitar, so we sang, “Country Roads” for my class and then had Evan show some pictures and then we did a question and answer session.  They were shy at first but soon had some good questions for him.  I took Evan over to my second class with me that is in a different building and we did the same thing in that class only did it first and then the readers theaters second. 

David came to pick us Evan a little before 11 a.m. so that they could go to Shifang’s office.  She wanted to meet Evan and David was showing her pictures of our home and family when I got there at the end of my class.  She took us out to lunch at the same restaurant that we had eaten with her on the day we first met her. 

At the restaurant, they told Shifang that she had purchased enough food today to qualify for a free spin on the prize wheel.  They were having a twelfth anniversary celebration at the restaurant, so Shifang said that Evan should be the one to spin the wheel.  He did and won a prize!  Shifang wanted to give it to him and we tried not to take it, but Shifang was to kind and wanted him to have it.  It was a coffee urn and two storage containers.  Now what to do with it because Evan doesn't want to pack it home and we are not sure we want to either.
We wondered if the wheel was weighted and that everyone won the same thing...

After lunch, she drove us to the area of Black Tiger Springs and also the Liberation Memorial Building.  The Memorial Building was closed for repairs, so we only go to look at it from the ground.  We walked around Black Tiger Spring and Pippa Spring.  By that time, it was time to head back to the campus so that David and Evan could go to the canteen and play games. 
Pippa Spring.  the people dip their containers in and get water for their homes.

The bridge over the moat in Jinan.
The black tiger and the white tiger at Black Tiger Spring.

This is the actual Black Tiger Spring.

Evan, Zina, Shifang and David.

Shifang decided to go watch David and the kids that came to his game time.  They also came because they wanted to meet Evan, but they all had fun.  I met David and Evan at the teacher restaurant for dinner.  Then David and Evan went to the Little Woods and sat at a table so that students could come to visit with them there.  One student brought David a book, Confucius, The Analects, which he was very proud to present to him. 

I came home to get ready for my tutoring girls tomorrow night.

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