Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 298 – Pizza at Eva’s

David had a hard time with the interviews for his Thursday class.  They have probably been his most favorite class this semester and he had to give a lot of hugs!  I stayed here and worked on the Primary music videos.

We had thought we were going to do some shopping this morning and then be back in the afternoon so we could do some check-out procedures with Eva in the afternoon, but she didn’t think we could make it back in time to do that, so we ended up staying here and getting some schoolwork done. 

Eva has wanted to have me teach her to make pizza, but without an oven, I don’t know that it would really work out for her.  We decided that I would make the pizzas here and then we would take them over to their home for dinner together. 

David got the check-out documentation done while I stayed here and baked pizza.  Then we met Eva just before the rain started and drove to her house.  You could smell the pizza in the car all the way there and she was getting hungry for it.  Eva hadn’t told her husband or her daughter, Alina, that we were coming.  She was afraid that her husband would be too shy to want to meet us and find an excuse to not come home for dinner.  He got there just as Eva was trying to put the cover on her car for the night.  He was surprised!

We were also concerned about Alina coming home in the rain, but we found out to our relief that she was already home.  The school had noticed the storm coming and did something that they rarely ever do, they let the students out early!  Alina said that the shout that came up from the students when they announced it was deafening!  She was really happy to see us.

Eva’s mother-in-law was busy preparing for us all afternoon.  She went out three different times to get special seafood for us for dinner.  We had so much food, and here we were figuring that the small pizzas that we were bringing would be plenty.  Well, we had to eat enough to show that we appreciated her efforts, so now we are still stuffed tonight.  Eva says we have to eat so much that our stomachs will burst! 

While we were eating, the storm came out in all its fury!  The sky was really black and there was lots of close thunder and lightning!  I was a little nervous with it, but Alina was so scared, she couldn’t eat any more.  It raged like that for about fifteen to twenty minutes. 
Dinner at Eva's.  Eva, me, Grandmother, Eva's husband and Alina.
When we had eaten more than we could hold, we wanted to teach Alina and her parents how to play Uno.  We had given the game to Elena for Christmas but hadn’t had a chance to show her how to play yet.  We taught both Eva and her husband to play, too and we were laughing so much that the Grandmother thought we were the loudest apartment in the building!  It was lots of fun. 

When the rain had let up some, we decided we better take the break in the storm to head home.  We had to give hugs to Alina and the grandmother and then Eva and her husband walked us to try and get a taxi.  With all the rain, taxis were hard to get.  We finally gave up and decided that the bus would be the easiest way to get home.  They walked us to the bus stop and then stayed until we got on.  By the time we got home, the rain had almost stopped and so it was just a trick to try and dodge all the puddles getting home.  Some very fond memories were made tonight.

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