Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 302 – More Good-Byes

We needed to wait around here this morning until Eva could meet us at the bank.  We had a video chat with Caleb’s family and had a short one with Seth’s family before Eva called and said she was coming to meet us at the bank that is south of the campus. 

We still had to wait for her after we arrived and then it took some time to get all the paper work done.  We could have withdrawn and closed our account if Eva had remembered her ID, but she didn’t have the correct ID with her, so we were only able to withdraw part of our money.  As we were doing that, the bank manager came over and started talking to Eva.  As Eva told her of what we were doing, she offered to handle the paperwork for us tomorrow because Eva has to be working at the school tomorrow.  We thought it was so kind of her to offer to help us in that way.  Now we just go there tomorrow, ask for Manager Yu and we are set to get the rest of our money and close the account.

We were going to go to lunch at the teacher restaurant with Eva, but she we got there too late and there was no room.  We went to the teacher buffet instead, which had okay food, but not as good as the restaurant.  After lunch, we came back to the apartment and talked for a long time.  Eva wanted copies of some of the things that we did in our classes, so we copied what we could to her USB, but it only had a little room on it.  She will come back on Wednesday, probably and copy the rest. 

David had to leave for a meeting with Shifang, his co-teacher, and hand in his grades.  Eva left soon after and then Stan and Nancy Pace came with the toaster oven from their apartment that is BYU equipment.  David came back a little before 4 and then we all walked over to the Mingde building so we could go to the “Farewell” meeting with the assistant dean, Jin Rui, and Gao Yan.  They wanted our feedback on what are some things they could do better and what things were good.  For next year, SDU plans to put together a “Welcome Pamphlet” to make the transition easier for foreigners that come.  It was a good meeting and I think we were able to help them out.  They mentioned how they really appreciated our efforts and the relationship that they have with the BYU China Teachers Program. 
From the left: Gao Yan (Mary), Libby, Wayne, Stan, me, Nancy, David, Ge Gao (Melody), and Jin Rui. 
When the meeting was over, David had to come back here to meet one of his students, April.  She wanted to give him a present.  Then we went over with the Pace’s and the Clarke’s to the teacher restaurant and had a last supper with the meal credits on Stan’s card.  It was a good visit.  While we were there, John, who had helped pick us up from the airport last August, came in and saw us there.  He came over and talked to us.  He will be going up to the airport with us on Thursday to make sure we get there safely and say, “Good-bye” to us then.

We came back to the apartment and I made a last batch of Oatmeal Peanut Butter Raisin Cookies for David.  I was able to use up all the brown sugar, peanut butter, butter and eggs.  That was the main purpose, besides the fact that David has declared it his new favorite cookie.  I decided to add it to my cooking blog -

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