Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 296 – More Finals

I had my Tuesday class finals.  I was able to stay pretty much on time with the first class, but still went over time a little and that made me late for my second class.  I figured that it wouldn’t make too much difference if I was a little late because I only had nine students left to interview in the second class.  It is my small class of only 30 students. 

David mopped the floors and put the laundry out to dry, but the laundry wasn’t drying outside because of how humid it is today.  We ended up bringing the laundry in and blowing the fan on it so that it would dry.  Had a chance to video chat with Ammon today.

Eva helped Pace’s bring over some of the things from their apartment that belong to the BYU China Teacher’s Program to store here.  So far, there isn’t a couple to take their place on that campus, so they didn’t want things left there that future BYU teachers would need.  Then Eva took Nancy home and David and Stan went home teaching to Kathy’s house.

We decided to have dinner at the teacher restaurant tonight.  Then we had to get back here so that David could do an interview with one of his students who couldn’t make it to the final tomorrow morning.  We brought out the suitcases to start planning how to pack everything home.

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