Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 293 – Cultural Market and Dinner

I made some “Oh Henry Bars” this morning for the dinner tomorrow.  We met the other BYU teachers plus Kathy, Hansen and Eva at the teacher restaurant at 11:30.  We couldn’t get a private room, so we just met there and put three tables together.  We had a nice time visiting and a good meal.
Our group for lunch today, after all the food was gone.

We had to wait for Eva to park her car and then we were going to take a taxi to the Cultural Market.  While we were waiting, we got to see a boat go though the lock by the dam.  

Eva then took David and me to the Cultural Market by Hero Mountain.  In all this time here, we have heard about it, but not had a chance to go there.  They have a lot of Chinese things for sale there: jade, paintings, pottery, etc.  We wandered around for several hours looking, bargaining and interacting with people.  Eva was a really good bargainer for us. 
At the Cultural Market, they were selling traditional Chinese Medicine.  These dried snakes are a part of that medicine.  There were lots of fungi and other weeds that they use.
We left the market at five, so that we could go meet Dr. Tricia and her husband for dinner.  He wants to improve his English so that he can advance in his job or get a better one.  We had to wait a while until he got there and then we talked for several hours.  He seemed to be improving a little bit from when we started, but it is hard to teach a lot in just a few hours.  He had to try and recall what he had known before.  You lose what you don’t use…

It has been a fun day and we were able some things checked off our list of what we wanted to do.  

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