Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 299 – Last Day of Finals

David and I both had our last day of finals today.  I was doing pretty good until about the last five interviews and some of the students just said how much they were going to miss me and how much they loved being in my class.  As I talk with each of these students, I can hear how much they have improved in their ability to speak English.  There were only about ten out of the 270 freshmen that seemed to have any trouble when I asked them questions that were outside of their memorized speech.  Several of them had gifts for me also.  I will miss these young people and hope that I can see them again someday.

After lunch, we had planned to go with the Pace’s to Black Tiger and Five Dragon Springs, but the weather was still threatening to rain, so we didn’t go.  We got some things done for our grades. I am having trouble putting mine in the computer because I can’t read the Chinese and the page that I went to last semester looks like it has changed.  Now I have to wait until I can get someone here to help me.

We met the Pace’s and the Clarke’s at the teacher restaurant.  It is Nancy’s birthday today and they were “treating” us all to dinner with their meal credits.  We were successful in using some of them up.  After dinner, they all came here and we talked and played games.  It was a fun evening, a nice way to celebrate a birthday.

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