Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 297 – Dinner at Harmon’s and Mangosteen

David and I both had finals to do today.  My first interview was with “Annie,” a girl that I have had a lot of fun with in class.  She has such a bright personality and happy smile that it is easy to love her.  She broke down in tears when we had to say good-bye at the end of the interview.  There were several more today that were the same way.  When I finished with the 8 a.m. class, they all came into the room and gave me a mug that had a picture of the class on it!  I was so touched!  They are all so wonderful!  Then “Ted” came up to give me a special gift that was just from him.  He gave me some postcards that had some special places on the campus, so that I would always remember him.  As if I could forget!

After lunch we had one of David’s monitor’s come help us mail another package to the US.  We just don’t think we will have enough room in our suitcases for all the gifts and our clothes, so we are mailing our clothes home so we have room for the gifts in our luggage and we hope that is the safer more sure way to get them all home. 

We had been invited, along with the Pace’s, to go to Brian and Sara Harmon’s for dinner tonight.  Nancy suggested I make a dessert to take along, so I made oatmeal peanut butter cookies.  Those are two items that I still need to use up before we go, so that’s what I did.  Another of David’s monitors came over and he was talking to her about Family Search and because she is doing a project that is collecting histories of Chinese families.  She was very interested and glad for the knowledge of those two sites.  Hopefully, China will allow people to see them.

We took the bus over to Pace’s and then had to wait there for the internet repairman to finish so that we could leave.  It was a short walk to Brian and Sara’s home.  We had a nice dinner and a nice visit after.  They have two cute boys and we had fun playing with them, also.  They also had a fruit that we had never seen nor tasted before… Mangosteen!  We found out that we really like them!  They gave us several to take home with us.
This outside of the mangosteen.  The husk is a little hard.  You have to kind of crush the shell in and then start pulling it apart.

The white part in the inside is what you eat.  There is a pit in there that is easy to enjoy the fruit around it and then spit it out.  We really did like the taste!  Almost citrusy, but sweet tasting.

On our way home, we needed to get milk and a few things at RT Mart, so we stopped there.  David had to stay outside the store because he had the mangosteens with him and we didn’t want to be charged for them.  As I was coming down the escalator to check out, I heard someone speaking in English behind me.  I turned around and there were two young Anglo women standing behind me.  I said “Hello,” and then asked where they were from.  There is a group of college students here in China to teach English at a school for six weeks this summer.  I met four of the girls that were with the group.  After I had checked out, one more girl was waiting to meet me.  I told them what I had been doing here in Jinan and that I was a week away from flying home now.  Because David wasn’t with me, he didn’t get to meet them.

We took the bus home and then as we were walking to the apartment, we met a couple of David’s students when we were almost home.  John He and Sally Gong.  John has really loved David as a teacher and he wants to come by tomorrow night to say good-bye.  There are going to be a lot of good-byes!
This is a common way for students to get around on campus.  It is rather cute to see the girl riding side-saddle on the back.

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