Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 284 – Evan is a Rock Star at DaMing Lake

Evan went to David’s class for the second hour today.  When they got back from class, I had already recorded the Primary Music Video for this week.  We packed a lunch and then headed to the bus that would take us to DaMing Lake.

We walked around for a little while and just before noon, we found ourselves at a place where we could buy seats on a boat to take us around the part of the lake that has all the cool bridges.  We enjoyed the ride for the 15-20 minutes that it took. 
I just love the look of the bridges here. 
One of the sites along the lake.

From the inside of our boat.

When we finished our ride, we noticed this mother duck and her two little ones.  They acted like they wanted someone to feed them and there was a grandma with her granddaughter looking at them, so I took pieces of the bread from our sandwiches and threw them in the water.  The mother got most of them.

When we were done with the boat ride, we walked some more until we found some benches that we could sit down in the shade and eat our lunch at.  We were going to go through an area that had someone playing a harmonica, but we looked at all the brides in their wedding dresses and some in the process of getting the dresses on, and we decided to go to a different area to eat lunch. 
Some of the bridal picture being taken.

After they get the dress on, they get their make up and hair done.

After lunch, we walked some more looking at all the sights.  We stopped to sit on a bench and look out at the lake at one spot, and some young people that were on a tour, came by us.  One young man noticed Evan and asked if he could get his picture taken with him.  Evan stood up and for the next five minutes, he had all sorts of people, male and female coming in next to him to be the next one for a picture.  I even had some young ladies come sit by me and wanted a picture with me.  Evan was the real rock star though!
One of the guys that wanted his picture with Evan. 
These three girls crowded in as close as they could to Evan.

We finished our walk through the park around DaMing Lake and crossed the street so that we could go to the old historical part of Jinan that has the original buildings and springs.  As we went along the way, we stopped to try a few of the local foods that were being offered.  Some were better than others.  We passed by a sushi place and a woman was encouraging us to buy some sushi.  She spoke English and we said we weren’t interested, but she ended up following us.  She wanted to show us around and be our guide in Jinan.  We tried to explain that we had been here before and we were just showing our son the Furong Street.  She wanted to exchange phone numbers.  I felt a little funny about it, but she kept insisting, and gave me hers first and told me her name was Marie Jin.  She has traveled a lot and she really likes Japan.  Her mother was from Thailand.  Marie gave me a small silk handkerchief that was pretty.  I’m not sure what to do if she calls me.  I will be busy giving finals in the next two weeks and probably won’t have much time for more site-seeing.  We’ll see what happens.
Furong or Lotus Street.  It looses its charm when they start blaring rock music from the shops.
After Furong Street, we went to Ole to get some things.  Evan wanted some Gatorade and I thought we could get some there.  Then we caught the bus for home.  We were pretty tired, so we took naps and rested.  Instead of going out for supper, we just had some food here.

David and Evan went to the Little Woods again to talk with students.  I guess it has been successful for David’s students.  Then they came back here so that David could tutor Alan. 

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