Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 287 – Branch Conference

We chatted with Alisa for a little while this morning before we left for Church.  We caught the bus and made it on time.  We were short on members because Wayne Clarke and Stan Pace were coming back from hiking in the Yellow Mountains and Kathy and Hansen were in Hong Kong to renew their visas.  It was Branch Conference and the talks were uplifting.  We had an enjoyable day and a good dinner. 

Brian and Sara Harmon came for dinner with their two young boys.  I got to hold six-month old Pacific and both David and I played with Toby.  He seemed to connect with us.  We stayed after they left and talked until after five just because we were having interesting things to say. 

It has just been a quiet evening at home.  We did get word from Evan that he has landed in the US and is waiting for his flight to Utah.  Soon it will be our turn.

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