Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 300 – Saturday Baking and Packing

It was rather cool this morning when we woke up from the rain yesterday.  It still did not look like it was done raining, so I decided that today was going to be a good day to do some baking.  I am trying to use up ingredients that won’t last and would have to be thrown out when we left.  I made some brownies, peanut butter fingers, and Jell-O. 

Dr. Tricia and her husband came over at 2:45 so that he could practice English.  We played games with them: Krypto and Uno.  They seemed to enjoy them and had never played them before.   I gave them brownies for a treat.  They didn’t like them because they were too sweet.  We had an enjoyable visit until about 4:30 and then they wanted to see some of the other teachers that live in this complex that they know.

After dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen and went for a walk around the campus.  We love seeing the children and families playing by the fountains, but the fountains are not on this time of night usually, so they just play in the area.  We walked through the “small wood” where there was an event for the students with singing and talents going on.  We watched for a little while and then headed over to another fountain area where the fountain was on.  We were just enjoying the quiet night.
                                     This is the fountain on campus.

When we came back to the apartment, we decided we better start packing all the things we could pack at this point, which is most everything except for some of our clothes.  I had to pull some stuff out of one suitcase because we were almost ten pounds over on it.  I am determined to fit it all in!

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