Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 199 – New Tutees

David and I both had classes this morning.  Mine went well and the students all love the games we played.  David’s went well also, so it was a good teaching day.

We met Wu Jun, the woman that David edited the magazine article for, at the Teacher Restaurant in the canteen.  She bought us lunch and we visited for some time.  She plans to meet us again and take us places.  She wants David to drive her car because she and her husband are new drivers and they are nervous about driving in China (she’s nervous???  I would be scared to death!!!)  She has added his name to the article that is to be published and then presented at a conference in Australia. 

We worked on school things this afternoon and then David had a meeting with his class monitors at 4 p.m.  He taught them to play Uno and Krypto.  They seemed to have fun with it.

At seven p.m., I had four girls and their mothers come for me to start tutoring them.  One is eight and the other three are ten and eleven-years-old.  The eight-year-old’s mother is taking her to Great Britain this summer and she wants her to be able to talk well enough that she isn’t lost in school and will be able to talk with others.  The other three just want to talk English better, or at least, their parents want them to.  They all seem like bright girls.  They can read English, but they don’t know what all that they can read means.   We sang a song and I taught them some basic phonics.  We read a story and talked about ways to greet and say good-bye.  The eight-year-old’s mother stayed so that she could help interpret and make the girls feel more at home.  I wish I had brought some of my books from home now!  

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