Saturday, March 15, 2014

Day 202 – Cinnamon Rolls

We did a video chat with Caleb and Aleeyah this morning.  She was so cute… until it was time to go to bed for her.  We worked the rest of the morning on lessons and school.  David finally got class lists for his classes, so he was busy putting those in order in his records.

After lunch, we went to check out the stores in a building that we had seen last night and wanted to see what was there.  The whole level was blocked off last night, so we couldn’t see it then.  It was ALL technology.  We then took the bus over to the Park 66 mall, so I could get some vitamins that I was running low on at Ole, a store that carries a lot of “western” products.  I had seen them there on a recent trip, so I knew where to go.  Then we made a trip to the bakery store to get more whole wheat flour and came home.

 I decided I was going to make rolls for our potluck dinner tomorrow after Church and you just HAVE to have a warm one (or two) when they come out of the oven.  David thought he was in heaven.  I didn’t tell him that I was making some cinnamon rolls with a little of the dough that was left over until they were all frosted and ready to eat.  Now he doesn’t want to leave them alone!  I am making him save the rest for breakfast tomorrow, so he thinks he is being tortured. (he-he)  His biggest comment was, "You just don't get these in China!"  (Unless you make them your self.)

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