Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 205 – Bo and Amanda

I had fun teaching my classes today while David stayed home and cleaned house.  He met me at the building I was in after my class and we walked home together and then had lunch.

We had to make a quick trip to Carrefour to get some groceries.  The bus we wanted to take there was really a long time coming, but the one for the way home was just at the right time.  We didn’t have to wait for it. 

David had a square dance activity for his classes and there was a fairly good turnout.  Word gets around and students from last semester’s classes want to be a part of it all again, too.

We waited for a phone call from Wang Bo to say that he was coming to get us and when we got that call, we hurried to meet him at the South Gate.  He and Amanda (his fiancé) wanted to cook a meal for us and Bo also wanted to play guitars with David.  We had a good meal and fun talking.  Bo wanted to get into politics and wants David to watch House of Card, so that he can discuss it with him the next time we get together.  It was kind of late when we got home and the internet was down, so we just went to bed.
We found this shirt in Carrefour.  Reminded us of Lehi... the mascot of Lehi High. 

It seems like every time we walk around on the campus, there is some other tree in blossom.  

These were close to one of the buildings that I teach in.  The fragrance is so wonderful, too!

Another beautiful shot of some blossoms.

This magnolia tree has been ready to blossom for a few days and today it came out in full bloom!

A close-up of the magnolia blossoms.

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