Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 218 – Late Nights = Bad Mornings

We were not good people and did not get to bed when we should have last night.  It was hard to get up and get moving as a result.  I was still able to make it to the bus stop and catch the K55 to the Baotuquan Campus where I was able to arrive in plenty of time to for my class.  I think I have found the perfect way to get to that campus and back without all the stress of the hike it is to the 75 bus stop.

My classes went well.  We had a discussion/debate about wearing uniforms in college.  These students wear uniforms from Kindergarten through High School, so for some, the idea of wearing them again in college is just too abhorrent for them.  In the 8 a.m. class, we had some on both sides of the question.  Some thought it would be a step backwards to have to wear them again and others think they wouldn’t mind.  The conversation got rather lively and we had a lot of fun with the discussion.  The 10 a.m. class was ALL on the side of never having to wear uniforms again for school, so we didn’t have much discussion.  I had to work pretty hard to get any answers or discussion out of them.  Boy!  Was I glad when that class ended!  It’s not supposed to be just me up there talking, but getting them to talk too.

I was pretty tired when I got home, so we had lunch and I did a little work while I did Facetime with Alisa and then took a nap when I couldn’t hold my head up anymore.  After my nap, I went back to work and then at four, David left to teach his student how to play football.  He had to leave that early so that he could go talk with his co-teacher, Shifang, about an idea he has and also some things about the new teachers to that are coming to replace us next year.

Eva came over about 5:15 and wanted to show us the pictures of her weekend.  She went to her hometown to see her brother’s new baby and celebrate his 100th day.  It is a pretty big day in the life of a baby and they have some traditions surrounding it.  I made a stew and she had dinner with us.  Now it’s time for bed again. 

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