Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 201 – Pi Day

Our classes went well today.  I had lots of fun with mine, but David says he gets a little bored by doing the same lesson seven times in a row.  I guess I do, too, sometimes but I have had an exciting lesson for them this week and I have been excited to present it to them, so it has been fun for me.

We worked in the afternoon until Stan and Nancy Pace came over.  They needed to get ink cartridges for their printer, and we live close to the place where you get them.  We got the cartridges and then went to the Pizza Hut in that area and had a nice dinner. 

Eva had given us some movie tickets to give to Stan and Nancy, so we looked around to find the movie theater after dinner.  David and I walk by that area a lot, but we had never noticed the movie theater.  With the construction of the road almost finished, a lot of new places have just opened up, but we hadn’t seen anything that looked like a movie theater to us.  David had asked one of his students if he knew where it was, and the student found it on the map so we could know where it was.  Well, it wasn’t that easy to find.  We looked in doors and scanned the whole area for a few minutes.

 In the winter, they put heavy, dark green, canvas panels over the open doorways to keep some of the cold out, but it hides whatever is inside.  So, David went in one of these panels, and there were some movie posters for The Hobbit and Robocop.  I think we found the theater!  We went in the doors and there we see one closed up place that sells technology items and an elevator.  We figure that we need to go up the elevator, but where from there? 

A group of young people came in and Stan decided to ask if any of them spoke English.  One young man answered, “Yes,” so we asked if this was where the movie theater was.  He said it was and just as the doors were closing on the elevator, he also said, “Fifth floor.”  Now we know where to go!

We walked a different way home to do some more exploring, and when we got back to our apartment, we celebrated “Pi Day” with some chocolate pie that I had made earlier today.  We sat and talked for a long time.  That was an enjoyable evening! 

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