Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 200 – Work, Primary, Shopping.

David had his class this morning and came home with one of his students from last term that had become kind of a co-teacher in football.  If David couldn’t be there for the games that were set up, “Sirius” would be there to lead the game.  David was showing him some pictures of our travels during the school break.

I worked on getting the Primary Music recorded in video and the words put on the video.  It didn't take near as much time as last week.  I must be getting better!  I was able to send it to DropBox and now I hope it comes through.  It was almost too easy this week, so I am waiting for the other shoe to drop!

We worked here until 2 p.m. when Eva came over.  She brought over the copies of the newspaper that had the article in about our trip to plant the trees in China.  It has some pictures also.  We talked for a while and then she drove us to the Hongjialou Campus where she was teaching this afternoon.  We needed to get some groceries at RT Mart, but we decided to visit Stan and Nancy Pace first.  We were so enjoying our visit there, that we almost didn’t get our grocery shopping done before it was time to meet back up with Eva so she could drive us home.

We hurried to RT Mart and grabbed the groceries we needed and then sped over to the campus gate where we had planned to meet Eva.  We made it with about three minutes to catch our breath before she came.

After dinner, Alan Ding came over for his tutoring session.  David wanted him to do a reader’s theater with us to help in his English practice.  He was shy about it because the Chinese don’t like to do these dramatic readings, something about they should always be studious or something.  Alan did well and we are going to practice it again and hopefully present it to his parents in the next week or two.  He found out he has been accepted to a Catholic Private school in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  He is pretty excited about it.

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