Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 216 – Saturday Classes

David and I both woke up early and since we couldn’t seem to get back to sleep, we got up.  After breakfast, I started working on things for my classes for the next two weeks.  I had some ideas on some PPT’s that I wanted to do, so that took my time.  At eleven, we took a break and went to the street market for some vegetable.  I planned to take Chinese Asparagus (Celtose) for the potluck dinner tomorrow, so we had to find some of that.  We didn’t take too long there because we needed to get back for lunch. 

David had to teach his two classes this afternoon that he will miss when we leave for the Yangtze River Cruise on Friday.  They thought they had a classroom for him to teach in, but the found out about 45 minutes before the class was to start that they couldn’t have the classroom they had planned to be in, so they had to find another classroom in a hurry.  They found one in the teaching building closest to us, so everything was okay.  I stayed here and continued working on lesson plans and quizzes. 

We had a quiet dinner and then watch a movie.  Went to be early because we had been up so early.

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