Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 206 – Wednesday – Must Work… But Want to Play…

My classes went very well today.  My first class always likes to tell me the things they want me to repeat and to do again because they had so much fun doing it.  They liked both of the games that I had last week and would love for me to do them again.  I now have a list of six things they want me to do again.  I love it!  David’s classes were good also, but his Wednesday classes are smaller than mine are and he can do more things in less time.

After lunch, David met Stan Pace at the bus stop so they could go home teaching this afternoon.  I stayed here and worked on things to do with the four girls that I tutor on Wednesday and also things for my class. I’m trying to get a couple of lessons ahead for when we have the break and go on another trip. 

The girls came at seven, and we did the games that I had prepared.  One of the girls already seems to grasp some of the words quite well.  She seems to have more vocabulary and she can recall it faster than the others.  We sang song and played the game and then I read them a story and explain things in the pictures.  The one mother who contacted me to do this, stays and helps interpret when there are things that are just too hard to explain without some of the their own language background.

David was asked to edit two more papers for the University.  Sometimes the words they want to use from a translator just don’t come out with the meaning that they really want to convey and it is hard to read their minds though just reading a paper.

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