Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 217 – Sunday, No Changes

David and I got up early again and spent time on the computer before we left for Church.  The meetings were good and we had another wonderful potluck dinner.  We stayed after and talked for a while and left about 2:30.  Naps and more time on the computer were the afternoon. 

Our virtual Branch was having an “Elder’s Quorum Party” tonight.  We walked over to Stan and Nancy Pace’s so we could listen in with them.  They were having trouble getting in on the Archidin Bridge over Skype, so we called it up on David’s phone and put it on a speaker so we could all hear.  They talked about how to create more unity in our Branch, considering that we don’t meet with them all in person.  It was interesting and I think we had pretty good “attendance.”  We stayed and visited and helped each other on some computer things before we left.

On our walk home, we met up with some of my students.  They had been out having dinner and drinking.  It is amazing how much a little alcohol will loosen them up and they were VERY willing to speak English with me.  They were headed back to the campus, as were we.   We wanted to get home fast and they were pretty slow in their walking, so we soon parted.    It was nice to walk off so much of the potluck dinner we had earlier that day. 

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