Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 207 – We Have Lunch Credits!

David had one class to teach this morning and I stayed here and got some work done.  I also got to talk to Seth and Alisa.  All this long distance stuff to get things done is really hard, especially on those on the other end that have to do it all for us.

We met Eva at the Teacher Restaurant in the canteen and had lunch.  That’s how we found out we had lunch credits.  We paid for the lunch.  It was a good time to visit and get some questions answered.  Then Eva came over here afterward while David re-typed his letter to the dean, asking for a date of class change so we can go on the Yangtze River trip.  She took it to the dean for him. 

Then we worked this afternoon, I got my Primary Music video done for Sunday then class stuff.  David had a game day with his students from four to five p.m.  After dinner, Alan came over for his tutoring.  He was extremely tired because they were doing some heavy testing at the school and all he wanted to do was sit down and rest,   

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