Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 215 – Classes, Lunch and Dinner

Friday’s are always classes for both David and I, so that is where we went this morning .  At least I remembered my USB drives today!  We met Eva at the Teacher Restaurant in the canteen and had lunch with her.  Then she drove us to RT Mart so we could get some groceries.  We walked home from there.

At 5:30, we met Pace’s and Clark’s and Lily at the Teacher Restaurant for dinner.  We are getting pretty proficient at choosing dishes off of the Chinese menu that we had translated.  We have our favorites, but try to choose something new once in a while.  Lily was looking for help on a “newspaper” that she wants to write for the BYU teachers that she met last year and became fast friends with.   After dinner, we came to our place and Nancy and I helped her get the words right and then put in some “filler” for her.

After they all left, I had more work to do and David got bored.  So, he is going to bed.   I’m all done for tonight, now, so I’m going there, too  

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