Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 232 – Libby’s Day

Libby Clarke came this morning to sit with me and make sure that I had what I needed.  We had a great talk.  Dr. Tricia came in and visited for a long time this morning.  She has chatted with Libby before and so we had a lot to talk about.  The vascular surgeon, Dr. Wang, came again to check on me.  I would so use him as my doctor in the US if he were there!  Such attention when I am not even “technically” his patient is so touching!  The shots and treatment continue and there was a big consultation with the head cardiovascular surgeon.  They measured my legs and my left one looks a lot better.  What a relief!

David came about 1:30.  He is feeling a lot of stress with me being in the hospital.  Wish I could mend fast and get out of here.  It takes him almost an hour on the bus to get here, but it gets pretty expensive to take a taxi all the time.

We were just going to warm up some leftovers for dinner, but when Eva and Dr. Tricia asked about how old they were, (only been here since Saturday and this is Monday) they thought they were too old, that bad bacteria had already started to grow in them.  Because I am in the hospital, I need fresh fruits and vegetables!  Can’t have bad bacteria getting in me!  Eva ordered some lunches for me from the canteen that is connected to the hospital, and the she and David and Dr. Tricia when to the canteen and bought dinner for us so we would have fresh food to eat (and Chinese food…).  Eva had bought a lot of millet porridge and wanted me to drink it.  She says it helps her sleep and she wanted me to have a good night’s sleep.  Anyway, we had to dump a lot of the food that had been brought to us.  (Sometimes, we have too many mothers…)

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