Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 242 – Back to the Hospital, Blood Test

David left for class and I was planning to fast until he got back and then go to the hospital with Mrs. Ding driving us there at 10:15.  I texted that information to Dr. Tricia and she called me right back and said that is too long to wait.  She wanted me to get a taxi and get there as soon as I could so they could get the blood draw done.

I texted to David what I was going to do and he was worried.  I met some of my Friday class students on the way to the south gate and talked to them a little bit.  It took me almost fifteen minutes to get a taxi, but I got one and then called Dr. Tricia so that she could give him directions to the hospital.

At the hospital, the head nurse, took me to Dr. Tricia and she got the paperwork started and the blood drawn for the blood test.  She had a special helper, a young man that stood in line with the money and all the paperwork to get me a card so that I could be treated.  We had to pay in advance again.  He was also able to get a refund of the money that we had paid for my treatment in the hospital that wasn’t used (109 RMB). 

We visited and she had me eat two boiled eggs while we waited for the paperwork and David.  It was all done soon after David got here.  Mrs. Ding had waited for us, so we had a ride home.  She had her cousin in the car with her that speaks very good English, so we had some communication going on. 

David played games at the canteen with his students.  We also found out that Shanda Lu was now open for the buses to go back to their original routes!  We now have four more buses as options for where we need to go!  Yeah!!

We ate dinner at the canteen and then came back here so I could record my Primary Music Video and David could tutor Alan Ding.

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