Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 240 – Okay on Tuesday

I didn’t sleep at all well last night.  I should have because the bed was much softer than the hospital bed, but I was hot one minute and cold the next.  No easy in between so that I could sleep.

I didn’t have a lot of energy today, but I was able to teach my classes.  It was really a pretty easy day I had planned with individual presentations and a quick presentation on Easter and then the rest of the movie we had started two weeks ago.  David walked me over to my first class and carried my bag.  I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was going to be for today and I had forgotten my rolls and the papers for the presentations.  He ran back and got them and then went to the store and did other errands.  

Salas, the monitor for my second class, had found a stool that I would be able to use to sit on and put my leg up for part of the class.  It was really good.  Nerzahl met me as I was walking to class and carried my bag for me.  Such wonderful students to work with!

David met me after my classes and we had lunch here.  We did a video chat with Seth and Carolyn for a while to plan some things for the reunion this summer.  Then I had a nap.  I tried to clean up some more with all the things that we had brought home from the hospital.  So much food and a lot of it had to go to waste because there was just no way to eat all of it and no one seemed interested in taking it off of our hands.  David had games with his students at 4 p.m.

While David was gone, there was a knock on the door.  At the door was a wizened little old Chinese man.  He seemed to be looking for someone.  He spoke a tiny bit of English, but it was hard to understand even his Chinese.  I began to understand that he was looking for one of the former teachers that lived in the building.  He needed a paper proofread and edited for correct English.  He asked where I was from and when I said America, he thought I would be able to help him. 

I read through the first paper, and when he was satisfied that I could do it, he gave me another paper, well, paragraph.  Then he had one more paper after that, to see if the paragraph could have a sentence added into it so that it would make sense.  At least, that is what I got out of what he wanted.  I hope it was.  When he was satisfied with what I had done, he was ready to leave, so he said his thank you’s and I told him he was welcome (in Chinese) and he turned around and thought it was funny that I did that in Chinese.  Funny old man!  He must have been ancient!  He was able to tell me that he was a retired professor and I thought it was great that even though he was officially retired that he still kept his mind active with what his research had been.  

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