Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 233 – Kathy’s Turn Tuesday

Kathy Guo came this morning to be with me.  She is a local member who is Chinese and holds a Canadian passport. That makes it so she can meet with us in our Church group.  Even though I had gotten a few things for breakfast, Kathy brought what she thought would be an “American Breakfast.”  She had scrambled eggs, two slices of ham, drinkable yogurt, boiled eggs and two slices of toast!  My problem is that I am trying to eat less here in the hospital since I can’t get out and exercise at ALL, and that was a big breakfast according to my normal standards!  I ate most of it to please her.  When I left a slice of toast and part of the boiled egg, Dr. Tricia, who was here at the time, saw what I was leaving and said something like, “You going to waste some food?”  I just had to tell her how full I was!

I got the usual medication and had to lay down for a long time.  Dr. Tricia visited for quite some time again.  She is also interested in Canada and wanted to know more since Kathy had lived there and I was able to add a few things since I had visited there, at least on the west coast.  Kathy had to go pick up Hansen (her 9 year-old son) from school and then she brought him back here so that she could feed me lunch.  She had also brought a big bowl of stew and a large green salad, but the lunch that Eva had ordered for me yesterday came, so I said that we would use her lunch for our dinner tonight.  There was much more there than I could have eaten for lunch anyway.  That would save a little worry for David.  Kathy seemed to be a little restless after lunch was cleared away, so I told her that I would be fine alone here until David came, so she could leave if she wanted to.  She and Hansen went home then.

David arrived at the hospital about 2 p.m.  He had taken some of his students to lunch at the canteen with his lunch credits.

At 3 p.m., four of the students from my Wednesday 8 a.m. class came to visit me: Li Ai (Autumn), Ted, Penny and Caroline.  They stayed and we chatted for almost an hour and a half.  When the doctors and some nurses came in to do something with my legs, they were all interested and asked some questions. Yup, I have medical students!  We then talked about some of the medical terms that they would eventually need to know the English names for; things like cardio, vascular, anticoagulant, blood veins, clots, etc. 

Wayne and Libby stopped by for a visit after dinner.  They were going to a concert at Shandong Arts College that is really close to the Hanlin Hotel, so they came over for a visit first.  That was a nice visit.

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