Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 237 – More Visitors and Dr. Wang Visited Again

I was able to get my own breakfast again.  The nurse that came to put in my IV this morning had taken the time to have a few of the phrases that she needed to use with me translated into English.  She showed them to me and then when she needed one, she pulled out her small book out and pointed to the phrase she needed!  I thought that was so wonderful of her!

When it was time to take the IV out, I was chatting with Seth and his family and Caleb.  The same nurse saw Ruth and exclaimed how beautiful she was.  Later, she told Dr. Tricia that Ruth looked like a little angel baby.  She also saw the rest of Seth’s kids and had seen Aleeyah earlier.  She kept saying “angel” and beautiful in reference to them.  Proud grandma here!

I had even more students come today.  We had fun visiting.  Sometimes, they seem like they are not too sure when they can leave.  One group had been here for a little over an hour and started to look like the wanted to leave.  Finally, I decided to mention that they might have other things to do and I didn’t want to keep them.  They all want me to come back, but they also want me to be healthy when I do.

Eva brought us dumplings for lunch.  She visited with us for a few hours until some of her friends that she was going to play badminton with came to meet her outside the hospital.  She took some of the bunches of bananas with her so that she could give them to her friends while they played.
I received another bouquet of flowers from some of my sophomore students today.  They wanted to give me a bouquet that had blue wrapping because they knew it was my favorite color, but they were all out of blue wrapping.  I told them purple was my second favorite color.  It really is!
Alan’s mother called and wanted to bring us dinner tonight, but Dr. Tricia had already told us that she was going to send her son, Bill (he has autism) over with some dumplings for our dinner.  Eva talked to her and we arranged that she would bring us lunch the next day.  So much food, and with me not being active, a lot of it goes to waste, so that it doesn’t go to my waist! 

David and I played games after dinner and when everyone else had left.  It was a nice evening.

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