Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 234 – Nancy and Clean Hair

My day started out with the nurses coming to take my blood at 7 a.m.   Today was the big day to see if my blood had thinned enough to be within the International Standards that they use as a guideline so they could talk about sending me home.  I was very hopeful for the results, but very disappointed to learn that the numbers, despite all the heparin and warfarin, had not changed at all!  Yes, I shed a few tears.  I want to relieve the stress that David is feeling and be able to get back to doing the things I was sent here to do in China.  It’s pretty boring to just be here and not have things to do.  Thank goodness for those who come to visit!

Nancy came about 9 a.m.  I had already had my breakfast and we planned to wash my hair today.  I have been feeling pretty gross with no shower since Friday.  We had to plan how to do it so that I was not standing on my legs for very long.  There is no hot water available in the hospital until sometime in the afternoon, usually 3 to 11 p.m. or so.  Nancy got some of the hot water from the thermos jug that Lisa had bought for me the first day I was here.  I think she knew that I would be needing it.  We see the students carrying the large thermos jugs all the time.  They have to go get water in the morning when they can and then they can use it later in the day for drinking and washing clothes or their bodies, it they can’t get to the shower.

Nancy took the end table that sits between the two chairs in my room and put it in front of the sink in the bathroom and I knelt down on it while Nancy quickly washed my hair in the sink.  Then she took the time to dry it with her blow dryer that she had brought and style it a little.  She’s not used to doing other people’s hair, but she did a good job and I was just grateful to have it done.   Dr. Tricia had said I could have a shower if I just held my hand with the IV in it above the water and not get it wet.  I just didn’t see how that would work with the hand held shower head in the bathroom. 

Nancy left shortly after the lunch that Eva had bought for me to have delivered today.  David was on his way here, so I didn’t mind being alone for a little bit.  The cardiovascular surgeon came by after he had seen the numbers and asked if I was taking the medicine like he said.  I told him I was.  He decided to change the warfarin to two tablets per day and decrease the heparin shots to one in the morning and one at night.

Dr. Tricia had also suggest that I have my thyroid checked while I was here, so they took blood for that.  That specialist came in and said that I should increase the dose of my thyroid medicine by ¼ more tablet per day because my numbers were low there too.  This was the head specialist in that department.  Dr. Tricia always goes to get the top doctors in the hospital to check on you.

David and I watched a movie, Night at the Museum before he went home tonight.

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