Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 244 – Knee and Washing Woes

When I woke up this morning, my right knee was very swollen and very painful.  I hobbled around most of the day.  I called Dr. Tricia to see if there was a pain reliever that I could take with the warfarin, but they don’t do “over the counter” pain relievers, and wanted me to have it checked when I come to the hospital tomorrow morning to have my blood clotting checked. 

I started washing some clothes after breakfast and the washer started sounding funny and when I went to check on it, it was not spinning well and soon it gave me an “error” message.  Who knows what “E3” means”?  Part of the problem turned out to be that the load was unbalanced, but when I did a second load of wash, it did the same thing and it was not unbalanced.  We spent the whole day trying to get the clothes to dry, as wet as they were, but there didn’t seem to be much change in the dampness by the time we went to bed.

David went to the grocery store.  The work on Shanda Lu has been mostly completed now, so they have put the bus routes back on that road that were there before the construction.  He was able to take bus 1 to RT Mart, get the groceries and be back here within an hour!  What a difference!  I stayed around the apartment most of the day working on school and on the computer. 

David decided we needed to get out of the apartment, so we decided to go to the canteen for dinner since it was close enough for me to walk a little.  We invited one of his class monitors, Reynaldo, to have dinner with us, so he met us at the canteen.  We had a good visit.  He was so honored that we invited him.  He has a desire to speak English well and even hopefully study in the US someday, so he wants opportunities speak English so he can practice. 

It rained all day, but it let up a little on the way back to the apartment, so it was just a nice little walk in the rain back.  

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