Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 236 – Third Blood Test

The nurse came bright and early to take my blood.  I didn’t feel sick anymore and the symptoms I had last night were all gone, thank goodness I didn’t die in the night!   Nancy came to spend the morning with me.  She helped me wash my hair again.

The blood results came back about 11:30 and the number had gone up a little, not enough to release me, but enough to show progress.  I mentioned to Dr. Tricia about what had happened last night and she thought it may have been because I was so anxious about the test results that I had psyched myself into something.  Maybe, but it may have been something that I ate, too.  The cardiovascular surgeon thought that it was too early to take more tests, but Dr. Tricia knew how anxious we were to have me leave the hospital and she was hopeful that the number would be up enough.  This isn’t her specialty, so she has to do a lot of reading and she was also afraid that all the blood thinners they have me on would cause hemorrhaging.  I guess I have to wait until the blood test on Sunday now.
These are the flowers that Alan's mom brought for me along with some fruit.  I didn't have a vase to put them in, but they brought wonderful fragrance into the room! 

Nancy left after lunch, but David got here early.  Alan’s Mom, Yi Hong, drove over with a student to help interpret and she brought David with her.  I also had lots and lots of students come for visits.  And, they ALL brought fruit!  We have eaten and given away so many bananas!  The apples and other fruit will keep a while, but bananas are so short lived. 
We had fruit covering the desk.  They asked me to keep at least part of the desk clear so the nurse could use it when she needed to.

We had to put the fruit on the chairs and the end table.  The one on the chair was a huge watermelon.  David dreaded the thought of trying to pack that one home!

As you can see, there are three back of huge bunches of bananas here.  There were also mango, pears, apples, and some smaller melons.

David went home early because he had a lot to do at home.

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