Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 241 – Wednesday Works, Not…

I had my classes today.  The students for my 8 a.m. class applauded me when I came in.  True to their word, they had a chair ready for me to use and sit down when I needed to.  They had also written a big “Welcome Back” on the chalkboard for me that I didn’t notice until I went to write next week’s assignment on the board.  We did individual presentations and then planned to finish the rest of the movie, Cheaper by the Dozen after the break.  We were about 10 minutes from the end when the computer started having problems with the DVD and stopped playing the movie.  We tried rebooting the computer and anything else we could think of, but nothing worked.  I finally played a song for them and then the class time was over.  It didn’t do it for the second class in a different classroom.  I hope it doesn’t do that of Friday when I use that same classroom.

After lunch, David and Stan Pace had planned to meet with one of David‘s students so they could go get the tickets for the train trip to Hangzhou next week.  China has made a new rule that when you first get your train tickets, you have to go to the big main station for the tickets instead of the smaller ticketing office that is close to our campus.  They came back here for a few minutes and then decided to make the trip to the main station and get the tickets today anyway.  After a couple of bus rides, and some hassles with a mix up of the tickets and then a call to Eva to talk to the Chinese agent, they were successful in getting the tickets.  David stopped at RT Mart on his way home and got pickles for his sandwiches at lunch.

When the four girls came for tutoring tonight, two of the mothers wanted to come in and make sure I was well.  They had wanted to come to the hospital, but Lisa didn’t have time to come with them and interpret for them.  The girls brought me another BIG bunch of bananas and a large watermelon and a bouquet of flowers.  We had a fun time with the tutoring again by playing, “I Spy With My Little Eye.” 

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