Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 238 – Last Night in the Hospital!

The nurse came in at 7 a.m. to draw my blood for the test today.  I decided to get up and get my breakfast and then read for a while.

I listened to Sacrament Meeting and then started listening to Relief Society, but Dr. Tricia came in to tell me the results of my blood test, so I turned it off to listen to her.  My coagulation level was up to 1.46, so they are going to let me go home tomorrow!  This rest has been good for me, but it has been hard to be here and not be teaching and taking care of David.  I know it has put a lot of extra stress on him to have to come here every day and still do his classes and take care of the apartment, too.  Also, with the hospital fees having to be paid up front, it has put a strain on our finances here.  I’m so glad to be going home!

Alan’s mom and Alan brought us lunch like we had planned.  She is a really good cook and I like just about everything she makes!  David hadn’t gotten here when they first came, but Dr. Tricia was still here chatting with me.  Soon though, David came, along with Pace’s, Clarke’s, and Kathy and Hansen.  They didn’t stay long, just enough to say “hi” and I also told Libby what was going on with my students tomorrow so she could take my class on the West Campus where she lives.

David went home with the Ding’s so he could be at the Foreign Teacher’s Easter Dinner Potluck and give them the huge watermelon that my students had given to me.  Then she picked him up at 4 p.m. and brought him back here.  Dr. Tricia had come to my room a little before that and wanted to take me to get the ultrasound on my leg.  She only had to wait for five minutes before David got here and then they got a wheel chair to take me over to the building where they did that. 

It turned out to be Dr. Tricia’s brother that was doing the ultrasound.  He told us that the original clot was about 4.7 centimeters long and 1.5 centimeters wide, filling the entire vein chamber.  It is now greatly reduced and the blood could flow freely around the clot that has now attached itself to the vein wall.  It scares me how bad it was; I didn’t know all this before.  I just thought it was several small clots, maybe the size of a small pea, but nothing of the size that they described it as. 

Nancy Pace had brought us some scalloped potatoes for supper and when Mrs. Ding brought David back, she insisted on buying some more food for him to bring to me.  There were Zongzi (sticky rice dumplings) and corn on the cob that she gave him.  We ate a little of each.
Zongzi: wrapped in leaves on the outside and steamed to cook them.

On the inside: you peel back the leaves to reveal sticky rice and some ham meat cooked inside.  I'm not a fan of sticky rice.

While we were gone to get the ultrasound, two of my students had come by and brought a lot of goodies!  Cookies (Chinese style – there is a difference), cream puffs, kiwi fruit and strawberries.   I was sorry to have missed them.  Annie (one of the girl’s English name), is always so fun to talk with.  She is one of those perpetually happy people and they just brighten your day!  Allison was the other one and she is as bright as Annie. 

After we had dinner, we decided that David better take the microwave back over to the Purnell’s apartment at the Hanlin Hotel because we would not be able to handle it tomorrow when I leave with all the other things that need to go home with me.  It was rather heavy and he had to go up the stairs and then down again on the pedestrian overpass on JingShi Road to take it there.  When he got back, we played some games until it was time for him to go back to the apartment.  Yeah, last night in the hospital!

Dr. Tricia had promised one of her colleagues that she would cover for him at the hospital until he got back.  She really didn’t have anything to do, so she came in here and we had a long philosophical talk.  We covered some deep topics that she has questions to and I told her some of my point of view.  Had to be careful in the way I phrased things, but we really enjoyed our visit.  About 9 p.m., she got a call from the other doctor that he was going to be there in just another minute and so she could go home, so she did and I am going to try and sleep on this hard hospital bed for one last night…

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