Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 247 – Dinner with Adam and Ashley

I had my classes this morning and David had his work to do here.  He mopped the floors, and then went to the hospital to meet Dr. Tricia and get the booklet that the insurance needs so we can hopefully get reimbursed for the cost of my hospital bills.  He also got some groceries. 

At 3 p.m., someone came to repair the washer.  It looked like quite a job.  I did a load of wash and the spin cycle worked, but it left water all over the floor, so there is still something wrong. 

We did a video chat with Seth and Carolyn and then had lunch.  I had a nap to get my legs up.  We met Adam and Ashley, two of David’s former students, and had dinner at the teacher restaurant with them.  They plan to get married when they are done with school in two years. 

This evening was spent getting school work ready for when we get back from this next trip that we leave on tomorrow.  I also had a Primary Presidency meeting over Skype.  

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